Boulder City Million Dollar HomesBoulder City Million Dollar Homes

Located 20 miles from Las Vegas, Boulder City is a little bit of greenery against the stark desert landscape.  Located a few miles from the Hoover Dam, Boulder City living is serene, relaxed and involves a closer-to-nature feeling.  Boulder City residents can enjoy an array of activities, and reside in a small town atmosphere with low crime rates, and a high quality of life.  Residences in this community include single-family home, and Boulder City million dollar homes for sale. 

Boulder City is a suburban community will a modest population (just under 16,000 residents).  Average household income for Boulder City residents is $63,000.  Over half of the residents of Boulder City are married with families, making it a great area for family-friendly community activities and environmental amenities.  Education opportunities in Boulder City include 3 elementary schools, 1 high school and 1 middle school. 

Boulder City million dollar homes are some of the most unique and beautiful home properties in Nevada.  Boulder City is a quiet and laid back community, with slow growth ordinances in place.  With the largest geographical are of any city in Nevada with over 200 sq. miles of land space, Boulder City million dollar home listings offer luxury and beauty on many levels. 

Many luxury homes for sale in Boulder City, NV offer gorgeous views of Lake Mead and surrounding valley.  Boulder City million dollar homes can be custom designed and created for residents around their needs, or there are properties that are currently available in this price range.  Luxury homes are generally located in specific areas of Boulder City, or within gated communities.  Million dollar ranch properties and homes that reflect the owners specific tastes for style and functionality are available to buy in this area.  There is always a market for million dollar listings, in spite of what the economy is doing.  Residents who enjoy the comforts of luxury living can seek out the beauty in home properties that offer unique design and close proximity to Lake Mead, outdoor hiking, walking and biking, and small town flavor at a high standard of home living.


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