Las Vegas Million Dollar Homes

Las Vegas Million Dollar Home SearchJust when you think that the amount of million dollar homes in Las Vegas we going down with the drop in the housing market, you come to this page to learn that there are 250+ Las Vegas Million Dollar Homes at all times in the Las Vegas MLS search.  The great thing about these million dollar homes, is that they are still a pretty good steal when you are talking about the cost per square foot.  

Where Do you Find Million Dollar Homes?

There are several pockets of Million Dollar Homes in the Las Vegas area, and like any where else in the country, they tend to stick together.  Gated communities, high rise penthouse suites, and million dollar ranches are all pretty much clustered together, because as we all know money loves company!

A few communities like Henderson, North Vegas, and Boulder City have several million dollar homes, just click on their links on the right to see what they have to offer for those respective areas.  You wont be disappointed.

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