Happy New Year!


Moving in a new house can be diificult and at this time of the year, after holidays might be the best time moving in. Before you go into the specifics of moving in and buying furniture. You might want to consider the following things below to make sure your home is ready.


1. Make sure the electrical outlets and plates are installed- Most old houses have old connectiors or swutches, especially for those homes that have been renovated or have been repaired. Mismatched outlets and wires can cause accidents like electric shock or even fire.



2. Change the color of walls/ ceilings. repaint- hire a repainter as this might take alittle more time to do. If you are short on time make sure that before you move in the walls and ceilings were scrubbed clean and then repaint later.


3. Change the locks- get new keys on the exterior doors- As soon as the closing paperwork is done ensure that all locks and keys are changed. Consider that the previous owners or realtors may have access to the previous keys and that everyone that may have access can get easily in if the locks are the same.


4. Make sure the house is Spick and Span- Hire a helper if you cannot do it yourself. While the previous owners may have left the home clean for you some would not. Even if they do, you will want to clean everything.


5. Make sure the mechanical equipment is cleaned and serviced-  Do this as soon as you buy the house. Make sure that the cooling and heating systems are ceaned and other tasks. Always hire a professional to service these things for you, make this a priority.


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