No matter what the rest of the economy is doing, home ownership always trumps renting. While it may seem at first glance thatthe costs of buying are intimidating, as a buyer, you ultimately win. When you calculate out even just five or six years, you will have saved thousands each year. This includes the costs of closing, maintenance, taxes, insurance, and even utilities. CNN Money reports that 98 of the 100 top housing markets still see buying more cost effective than renting. 

According to, Zillow has calculated that you will see the return on your investment even sooner in the Las Vegas area. At 1.7 years to the break-even point, we are one of the fastest metropolitan areas to receive such a turnaround. 

How can that be?

The largest part is the calculation of lost opportunity costs. These include all those fees and deposits that you mayor may not get back from a rental verses what you would otherwise use to invest in ownership.

Add to that the record-breaking low interest rates, and you have a recipe for financial gain.

Try this tool from the New York Times to determine your savings potential: