Have a Bad Neighbor? What do I do?

AC Ronquillo


Ever had an instance where you had a disagreement with a neighbor? Have you in any way feel you avoid going out because there is a Homer Simpson (The Simpsons) outside. Ever get the feeling that you are irritated and have no peace of mind when you see your nemesis outdoor?

Peace is precious. You will never be able to breathe easily if you have someone breathing on your neck. It is not a healthy relationship either. if you have a broken one with the next door neighbor. Here are some of the tips that you can do in order to mend that relationship and reconcile.

1.       Communicate directly- It is better to talk it out face to face rather than talking behind someone’s back. Go to your neighbor’s house and speak to hi9m calmly and tell the issue upfront. If you don’t feel safe enough then have a friend join you in public safe place

2.       Do other ways- If you can’t communicate face to face a voicemail or a written letter can do. Chat with your neighbor make sure to discuss what is bothering you- of course you need to get their Home Phone Number if not then write a letter discussing your ceoncern.

3.       Listen Attentively-There is no pint discussing an issue if you don’t know how to listen. Make sure to respect your neighbor’s views.

4.       Apologize if needed- Assess the situation objectively, if your neighbor doesn’t want to speak with you an apology might soften him up.

5.       Compromise- Talk to your neighnor an layout some suggestions. Ask him Ideas on how to resolve the issues.

6.       Strengthen ties- After reaching a truce- it is good to keep the line of communication open. Try to befriend your ex- enemy. Make sure to invite him over for a short chat or coffee from time to time.

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