There aren’t very many historic homes in the Las Vegas valley, given that we’re barely 100 years old. But, if in your search for a new home you manage to fall in love with one of the older houses, what should you look for before deciding to make an offer?

First, ensure that you and your agent work together with the seller to get a good inspection. Pick an agent that is willing to communicate and explain the process every step of the way.

Make sure the foundation is sound, but don’t stop there. Check out the electrical and plumbing systems. Look at the roof, the walls and – yes – the yard. With our propensity towards flash flooding, does your potential new yard have upgraded drainage?

Speaking of yards, that is one of the greatest advantages of older homes – the lots tend to be much larger than those of newer houses. This means that you may also get a larger garage and a lot more parking for guests – not to mention prettier pools and room for pets to roam.

Many older homes have, thankfully, been updated with newer floors, roofs, and HVAC. With the market on an upswing, you may find a wonderful deal on an older, larger, pre-loved home.