The New York Times reported in September that house prices are on the rise – including those smaller, starter homes that are more in demand for first-time buyers. Houses in Henderson Nevada are still selling at lower prices than most other places, but the market has seen an increase lately. Sellers are doing better in the market now, and homes are selling at a quicker pace.

This does mean that buyers may not be so lucky anymore. While interest rates are still at all-time lows, it seems that those with cash are the ones snatching up all the house deals. If you are entering the market with an FHA or VA loan, how can you compete?

One of the best ways is to form an alliance with a real estate agent who will find properties for you that are not yet listed in the MLS. This gives you a chance to bid on the home before the cash buyers even see it. You may even be the first to make an offer!

Something else that you might want to keep in mind is that cash buyers are usually offering as little as possible (known as “low-balling”). When times were more desperate, many sellers were willing to accept these offers. Now that the market is picking up, sellers might not be swayed by the cash deal if it doesn’t meet the profit they desire and know they can achieve.

If you are pre-approved for your financing, you of course stand a similar (if not better) chance as anyone with cash. Although you can’t offer a faster closing time than cash, you can offer a quicker closing than someone who isn’t as prepared. Add to that the fact that your bid may be higher than a cash buyer’s, and you really can compete.

If you are dealing with a seller who is a person – particularly one who lived in the home – you may also consider the emotional factor. If you and your family love the home, the seller is more likely to sell to you because they like YOU. They know that you will occupy the home and that it’s not just going to a corporation, and they may like that idea a lot better – cash or not. You could win with your offer just by being a real person. It happens all the time.

Never give up. If your bid is not accepted on that first home you fall in love with, trust that something even better – something perfect for you and your family – is out there, waiting for you.