Let me start by asking you a question: What’s  the busiest  room in your house? You guessed it: the kitchen! Maybe all this activity explains why the kitchen is the room that seems to be in constant need of upgrading.

Assessing your kitchen’s potential. You’re probably considering remodeling your kitchen for a few reasons. Remember to note and write down what those reasons are, so that you can correct the things you don’t like. You also need to evaluate your current kitchen, and to evaluate it honestly.


Ask yourself the following questions:

·         How do you use your kitchen? Start by evaluating your lifestyle and what part the kitchen plays in it. For example, do you cook small meals, or do you cook big meals for a large family or lots of friends on a regular basis?

·         Does your  family have more than one cook? If so, how many?

·         Who is the primary cook, and how tall is he? Does he have any special physical needs?

·         Does he like certain types of cooking such as baking or grilling?

·         If you entertain often, do you want family and guests to be able to socialize and eat in the kitchen?

·         What other activities (such as homework or bill paying) do you or your family members do in the kitchen?

·         Do you need space for a desk, TV or computer?


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