Choose the Style of your Home Series Part 1

By AC Ronquillo

Finding a great home that fits your needs and lifestyle needs careful attention and research. A lot of homes coming out here and there a first time homebuyer might get confused on what style to pick. Zillow and Trulia can be a good resource of finding the right style of home for you, however if you are not that knowledgeable on styles of houses this can be difficult.

1.       Cape Cod Style-

Let’s talk about CAPE COD HOMES- what is a cape cod style home- Cape cod architecture came from early settlers which is known for gabled roof and plain front. With roots dating back to 1600’s it was a popular style in the 1930’s. Typically 1 story or 1 ½ it features a steep roofline, wood sliding, multi pane windows and hardwood floors. Most cape cod homes have small floor areas. Homes were designed to withstand stormy and starkly weather.

        Key Elements 

·         Large, central chimney. The large, central chimney is located directly behind the front door, with the rooms clustered around it in a rectangular shape.

·         Steep roof. Cape Cods have steep roofs to quickly shed rain and snow, and a shallow roof overhang.

·         Windows and dormers. A full Cape has two windows on each side of the door, and often has a dormer on each side of the chimney to open up the attic.

·         Captain's stairway. "The second floor, often kept for boarders or 'seafaring' men, was accessed by a narrow stair, or 'captain's stairway,' which has incredibly steep risers and shallow treads to minimize the use of the first-floor space," explains David Karam, an architect and builder from Brewster, Mass.

·         Shingle siding. Weathered gray shingles are one of the most recognizable elements of a classic Cape Cod, but newer homes are built of brick, stucco and stone.


2.       Craftsman Style

Craftsman Bungalow- or is known as arts and crafts style homes were popular during the 1930’s. A distinguishing feature of the style is the large amount of woodwork and buily in shelving and seating. It has low pitched roofs with wide eave overhangs exposed roof rafters and decoration beams under gables.

Key Elements

low-pitched, gabled roof. The low-slung rooflines reflect the influence of Oriental architecture on the style. These roofs typically have a wide, unenclosed eave overhang with decorative supports. 

Tapered columns. This is one of the most distinctive characteristics of Craftsman homes, despite the variation in detailing. Tapered columns, which support the porch roof, are typically short and rest upon massive stone or brick piers that extend to ground level, both of which convey a certain solidity

A partially paned door. One great authenticity test of Craftsman bungalows is how their doors are styled.

Multipane instead of single-pane windows.Like a few other Craftsman details, this window styleoriginated with the Prairie architectural style




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