Cleaning up your Kid’s room

How do you help children organize their rooms and stuff? Try these organization strategies to calm clutter and bring order to kid’s rooms.

1.       Take a child’s eye view- Look at your child’s space, storage and furniture and possessions from the his or her vantage point. The view may surprise you because adult furniture and organizing systems don’t translate well to children’s needs. For example, sticky dresser drawers are hard for small hands to wipe. Folding closet doors pinch small fingers. Closet hanging rods are out of reach, while adult hangers don’t fit small clothing.

2.       Bring the child into the process- Resist the urge to wade into the mess alone, garbage bags flying. Gritted teeth and threats like “you will keep this room cleaned” does not solve anything. Instead teach children how to be organized. You may want to use a classification method instead.

3.       Sort, Store and Simplify- Kids can’t stay organized when the closet is crammed, the drawers are stuffed, and playthings are scattered all over. The solutions: sort, store and simplify. Begin with clothing. Sort it out socks, undergarments, tshirts, blouses and shorts. Store them where they belong.

4.       Make it easier to put away, harder to get out- The premier rule for efficient children’s storage? Make it easier to put something away than it is to get out. Compare a traditional bookcase, where little fingers can pull down a whole shelf faster. Build the effort into getting out, not putting away.

5.       Organize from bottom to top- To befit a child shorter stature start organizing from the bottom of the room to the top. Higher level are designated for less frequently used possessions.

6.       Label, Label, Label- Labels save the day! Use computer printer to make graphic labels for young children. Pictures of socks. Shirts dolls or blocks help remind the child where these items belong. Enhance reading skills for older children by using large type word labels.

7.       Build a maintenance routine- Cleaning can vex and frustrate children. Once their room is claned they play and suddenly it’s back to a mess. Help children stop the cycle by making them obey maintenanace routines into the family’s day. Morning pickup straightens the blanketsm returns the pillows to the bed, and gets soiled clothing to the laundry hamper. Evening pickup precedes dressing for bed and involves putting away the day’s toys.


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