Cleaning your windows is an annoying chore to do. To make sure you complete the tasks here are a few tips to consider:

1.       Don’t wash the windows on a sunny day- It dries up the cleaner which makes it harder to wipe off, leaving hard to wipe streaks. Choose a day where it’s cloudy. But if it’s sunny and you are itching to clean- start with the shady part of the house first.

2.       Don’t dust the sills and sashes’ first-skip this test as water dripping to the window frames can cause a muddy mess. Vacuum the frames, sills and sash before the glass itself.

3.       Use Window cleaners- don’t save it!- Do not be afraid to use enough windows cleaner especially if the windows are really dirty. You need much amount of cleaners to make sure that dirt suspends and wipes away or else it turns into streaks.

4.       Never use Newspapers to dry- Newspapers are messy and Ineffective when drying windows. Use microfiber clothes that are washable and streak free.

5.       Do not dry with a linty paper towel- If  a paper towel is your cloth of choice make sure that it never leaves lint on the glass.


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