We are blessed to live in an area that still has summer-like weather, when so many other states are donning winter coats and even shoveling snow.  True, we have had a hotter than normal season in the greater Las Vegas area, but we still get to enjoy sunshine right up through Halloween. With cooler temperatures this coming week, what do you have planned? 

Homes in Henderson tend to have nice back yards with patios that are perfect for grilling. You can continue your outdoor grilling long after other areas have to haul theirs in for the cold winter weather. Grab some coals and your veggie kabobs or thick steaks and head outside. If you are searching for a new house in Henderson, you will find many are still available that have pools, patios, and sculptured yards.

Even if you are looking for a condo or starter home, Henderson is famous for its beautiful and accessible parks. Leash up your dog and grab your kids for a family picnic in the park. You might meet some of your neighbors there.

If you are not the chef you’d like to be, Henderson offers some world-class BBQ restaurants, such as Famous Dave’s or Lucille’s. With the cooler temps outside, you can feast on their patios and enjoy the blue skies and great eating.