Guaranteed sale of a Home is it safe?

Perhaps you have heard this before when interviewing agents to sell your home or driven past a billboard advertisement from a realty group. :”Sell your Home in 30 days or else it’s free”.

It also seems too good to be true- but NO it’s not a hoax. However the statistics behind it can be questionable in a way.

It might not work for every home- It is always a question of must sell VS want to sell.  Sellers can vary depending on job loss, illness or perhaps they have inherited a property and cant pay for multiple loans.

Each Agent who offers a guaranteed sale project does it any other way, however the substance or gist  is the same: Sellers must consent to buy a home guarantee, get an assessment and address any issues forthright, contract an outsider appraiser and professionally arrange the home.

Some realtors have to have the seller meet certain conditions before entering into that program. While NAR says it doesn’t take a position on these types of sales methods, critics of guaranteed sale programs claims it is a conflict of interest.

What Realtors Say:

Not all realtors offer this program. Some say that it might be that either the price of the home too low or not providing good service for them to have it sold. Some say that it is quite a lead generating tool that can boost up promotion. Some saw it is a marketing ploy

Before you agree…

Read the contract first. Realtors do not really want to be diving in buying your house as their main concern is to sell it.  A house might need a lengthy amount of time too sell depending on market conditions. Before interviewing the right agent and getting into the program Homewones should always address questions regarding the guaranteed sale program before signing the dotted line. Homeowners should really be careful and ask people who have been in the program and check validity of the said program.

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