Adding another piece of downtown Las Vegas real estate to the Downtown project inspired
by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh.

Recently closing a $ 4.1 million transaction to acquire the former 7-11 building just east of the
Fremont Street experience and at the gateway of the Fremont East entertainment district.

Hsieh and others involved with the Downtown Project envision the building, now largely empty
and marred by graffiti, as a future gathering place for community groups, entrepreneurs and others
who want to work in downtown Las Vegas.

"We are still working on the details but the idea is to provide more space for different community
groups to gather in."

Since the online shoe and apparel retailer announced plans to take over the former City Hall, interest in
the area has surged with technology and creative communities.

"About a year ago, a few people in the community started working to bring the tech community together
by starting the "Tech Jelly." Imagine what could happen if a dozen more communities of passion
could form in things like music, woodworking, fashion, etc."

The Downtown Project and related entities have made a big splash in Las Vegas since 2010 when
Zappos, a subsidiary of Amazon, announced it would move it's headquarters from Henderson
in 2013.

The move is designed to give Zappos a place to grow, while remaining true to a company culture
built on passion, collaboration and what Hsieh calls "serendipitous interactions", fostered when
people with ideas for projects and businesses work in close proximity to one another.

Zappos, with Amazon and developer Resort Gaming Group, are funding the conversion of
the old City Hall to a corporate headquarters.

Resort Gaming Group purchased the old City Hall property for anout $18 million and will lease
it to Zappos, which is investing millions to renovate the old building.

The Downtown Project and related entities are funded through about $350 million from Hsieh
and other investors.