Home sellers have lots of options when is time to sell their properties, however there is no magic formula that will guarantee in achieving the best and highest price possible for their homes. This is why I like to partner with my clients to guide them through the complexities of selling their homes. I assembled a team of true professionals with experience, dedication and strong communication skills to help ensure a successful and profitable sale of your home. 


Today, we'll talk about What To Expect During A Home Inspection , When Buying a Home...



Buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions that a person will make in their lifetime. The purchase of a home can be a very emotional time for both the buyer and seller, and it is often difficult to know what to expect during this process. However, by knowing what to expect before purchasing a home, the process can be less stressful and more rewarding.


Once you have found a home that you would like to purchase, it is important to schedule a home inspection. A home inspection is a critical step in the purchase of a home. It allows you to get a complete picture of the condition of the home. This includes everything from the exterior to the interior of the home. By having a home inspection performed, you will be able to know if the home is a good investment or not. It is important to note that the home inspector will not tell you how much your home is worth, but they will give you an estimate of the condition of the home based on the items that were checked during the home inspection


If you’re anything like me, when I make small purchases, I always check for reviews to ensure myself that I'm  getting the most bang for my buck. A home inspection is sorts of a review of the specific home you are purchasing...you will hear the good and the bad when you receive the final written home inspection.


After the home inspection is completed, it is time to decide whether to continue with the purchase of the home. (provided that your contract has that stipulation) - Consult with your real estate agent.


There are many things that need to be taken into consideration, 


 ◄ How much are the repairs? 

 ◄ Know what "AS-IS" really means inside your contract

 ◄ Do they need to be fixed right away? 

 ◄ Can the seller contribute cash at the table to help you pay for it?

 ◄ No house is perfect, are you ready to accept a less than perfect home and go forward? 

 ◄ Can you use the home inspection to renegotiate the contract? - Is this proper?  I don't advise this to my buyer clients because, it is simply not the purpose of a home inspection.


It is important to make sure that you take all of these factors into consideration before making a final decision. 


Finally, it is also very important to remember that the home inspection process is meant to be comprehensive and educative for you as the new homeowner. By taking the time to thoroughly inspect the home, you will have a better understanding of what you are getting into.


Always consult with your real estate agent about your home inspection results and the options you have inside the sales contract that you've signed. 


To purchase your dream home or a great foreclosure property, is about being educated, thorough and patient with the process. The most important aspect of finding the perfect home is working with a real estate agent who is highly skilled in negotiation and understanding of your expectations!  



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