Home sellers have lots of options when is time to sell their properties, however there is no magic formula that will guarantee in achieving the best and highest price possible for their homes. This is why I like to partner with my clients to guide them through the complexities of selling their homes. I assembled a team of true professionals with experience, dedication and strong communication skills to help ensure a successful and profitable sale of your home. 


Today, we'll talk about 5 Tips To Buying A Home During The Holidays



#1  Applying for a Mortgage First is More Important than Ever

You should first apply for mortgage preapproval. This helps you move quickly when making an offer because it provides you a precise sense of what price range you should be searching in.

The most important activity a buyer can take to guarantee a successful transaction is to get preapproved for a home loan.  With interest rates fluctuating often, it's crucial to know how much house you can afford and what it would mean for your purchasing power if rates rise while you're looking for a home.


#2 Less Competition -

The same problems that make relocating during the holidays difficult also deter individuals from looking for homes during that period. While there may be fewer properties on the market, there are also fewer homebuyers, so any home that meets your needs should face less competition.


#3 Sellers Are More Motivated During the Holidays  - 

Moving during the holidays is seldom a fun experience for either homebuyers or sellers. People who are selling their homes over the holidays probably have strong motivation to do so. Perhaps they need to move for a new career, or maybe they need to sell their house before the year is over since it has been on the market for a while. You have a lot of leverage to negotiate a lower price when you combine motivated sellers with fewer competitors.

#4 Expect Lower Prices 

A general lack of housing has contributed to the sharp rise in home prices. But historically, December is the month with the lowest property prices, in part because of the factors mentioned above. Although there is no assurance that the pattern will continue this year, it is still worthwhile to examine the costs in our local market where it fits your plans.


#5 Motivated Agents

Real estate agents are working with fewer clients since the housing market is less active. They have more time to focus on your issue, and since there aren't as many opportunities for them to make a sales commission, you'll get their full attention to make your transaction as smooth as possible 


Always consult with your real estate agent about your home inspection results and the options you have inside the sales contract that you've signed. 


To purchase your dream home or a great foreclosure property, is about being educated, thorough and patient with the process. The most important aspect of finding the perfect home is working with a real estate agent who is highly skilled in negotiation and understanding of your expectations!  


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