Home sellers have lots of options when is time to sell their properties, however there is no magic formula that will guarantee in achieving the best and highest price possible for their homes. This is why I like to partner with my clients to guide them through the complexities of selling their homes. I assembled a team of true professionals with experience, dedication and strong communication skills to help ensure a successful and profitable sale of your home. 


Today, we'll talk about 6 Tips to Get You in Credit Ready Before Buying Your First Home



1. Start Planning Early 

Getting credit issues resolved can be a very long process. But if you are in the market to become a homeowner, get on top of your credit issues before it is too late. Make sure you have a good credit score and be prepared to start when your credit score is at its best.


2. Keeping track of your credit history

Your credit report will give you a snapshot of your credit history. You will be provided with a copy of your credit report when you apply for a loan. Your credit score will be updated on a monthly basis. You must be vigilant in monitoring your credit score. It is imperative that you pay your bills on time. If you do not, your credit score will be adversely affected, and you will end up paying higher interest rates.


3. Reduce your expenses

The first thing you should do is look at your monthly expenses. List out all of your recurring expenses and which ones you can remove. You should cut down on your recurring expenses and this will help you pay back your debts. This will also impact your creditworthiness. The less you owe, the more the bank will lend you 


4. Cut down your debts

You could try to get a debt-to-income ratio under 50%. This means that the total amount of monthly debt you owe is 50% or less than your monthly income. If you can get this ratio under 50%, it will make it much easier to pay off the debt.


5. Manage your bills

Late bills will hurt your credit and will also lead to late fees. Set reminders to ensure you can pay everything on time.


6.  Avoid asking for credit in different places.

There are some credit checks that are more difficult to pull than others. A hard credit inquiry or hard pull can lower your credit score and as such it is important to avoid such actions. If you are shopping for a house loan, you can't shop for an auto loan at the same time.


Always consult with your real estate agent about your home inspection results and the options you have inside the sales contract that you've signed.  


To purchase your dream home or a great foreclosure property, is about being educated, thorough and patient with the process. The most important aspect of finding the perfect home is working with a real estate agent who is highly skilled in negotiation and understanding of your expectations!  


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