Metro Police and the Southern Nevada Housing Authority have begun a makeover project for the public housing development on Doolittle Avenue (located near West Lake Mead Blvd., and H Street).  The project has been in planning stages for nearly two years, and its focus is to rebuild and rehabilitate the trouble spots in specific high crime areas. 

The Southern Nevada Water Authority has offered up $200,000 in water rebates toward the rehabilitation makeover.  With the newer facilities in place, the housing community will no longer waste 17.5 million gallons of water annually. 

This housing project in Northwest Las Vegas is still needing $200,000 more in  order to fulfill the rehabilitation.  This money will need to be provided from direct donations.  A few of the plans include updating old, cracked basketball courts, maintaining a grassy field area (for sports), adding trees, better landscaping, an outdoor movie area, and attempts to eliminate local crime. 

According to Captain Larry Burns of the Las Vegas Metro Police's Bolden Area Command, rehabilitation is under way with some changes already in progress:  there are no longer shootings every month in the area, and the litter that was commonplace there, is now gone. 

He states (referring to neighborhood inhabitants), "I think this will work if we make it feel like something they want to be a part of."