In order to help you make more informed decisions and get the most equity out of your  home sale we're going to blow the cover off a few different real estate myths that you might still believe in.

Pricing High: Starting your Las Vegas home at a high price is not a good strategy. Pricing high tends to push away potential buyers and limit your pool. However, when you price more affordably and attractively, buyers will begin to fight over your property because they see great value in it. This will help raise your sale price because you will get multiple offers, which puts you in the position to make your buyers compete. When buyers compete, you get the highest market value for your home, which helps you maximize your equity from the sale.


Hiring a Local Expert: The truth is that an agent who understands where the buyer is and how to attract them will be your best option. At Team Jenkins we will market your home effectively to attract the highest number of buyers as possible.


Having Agents at a Showing: The truth is that accessibility is key. Even if the listing agent is available to show, the question is will showing agents select your home first? We know how to protect you and offer great representation to all clients.


Hopefully this information will help you get the most equity when selling your home. This is often the key to successfully moving on to your next property.


As always, please contact is with any comments or questions you might have about the real estate market here in Las Vegas and Henderson. We're always willing to help you.