New job numbers show Nevada's economy faring better than early estimates suggested, but state
and local markets still face a long road to full recovery.

Experts pointed to other positive signs most notably a jump in wages and hours worked. Early estimates
showed that Henderson and the Las Vegas Valley created 4.300 jobs last year.

But a revised number shows that the market actually created some 9,500 jobs last year, said Steve Brown,
Director for the Center of Business and Economic Research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

"There were more consumers and residents entering the market, and actual job growth is positive. All
signs are that the economy is entering the recovery side of the cycle."

What's more, the employment department reported gains in hourly wages and weekly hours worked.
Average hourly earnings for all employees on private non-farm payrolls rose 31 cents or 1.6 percent,to
$19.67 from December to January.

To see faster job growth, either other sectors need to start growing as fast as gaming, or the market
needs a big pickup in construction.

"And recent national gains of about 230,000 positions a month may not be sustainable, as U.S. job growth could retreat to 170,000 new jobs in coming months.
That would hold back state and local improvements, because slower national job growth means fewer
people coming to Vegas to visit, and less discretionary income for those who do visit."

So, it would probably be mid-2014 before joblessness in Nevada and Las Vegas retreats below 10 percent.

Nevada's January jobless rate remained 4.4 percentage higher than the nation's 8.3 percent rate.