Moving with your pets


Moving can be stressful to everyone- not to mention pets. They can be easily stressed out when there is an unexpected activity at home. Here are some tips to make sure that the process is smooth with our pets.

1.       Prepare an overnight kit that has enough food, toys and grooming for the pet.

2.       If moving out of the area- infor your vet so you can take out records and prescriptions to recommend a vet in the neighborhood.

3.       Keep your pet in the quietest spot possible. Keep them in their kennel or cage. Take them away from the action.

4.       Take the pet in the new house on your vehicle. Sometimes carriers can be put at the backseat. Pets are comfortable seeing the background change.

5.       When transferring the pet to you new neighborhood- make sure to not leave your pet unattended. When they get out they might get lost.

6.       Move the ouse before the pet. Make sure to move the house and have it situated in th new home so the pet feels comfortable with the new environment.

7.       Update your pet’s tags with the new address.

8.       When transporting a fish- they are easily stressed out- a good tip is to transport them into bags with their old tank water.

9.       Guinea pigs are known to be traumatic critters- so make sure you transport them in nice, warm and comfortable carriers.

10.   Birds are very jittery-please make sure to put your birds in cages on moving day.


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