This NASCAR combination culminates with the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Award Ceremony at the Wynn Las Vegas.

Nascar intends to strengthen its working ties with Las Vegas by joining the two highly recognized brands. Leading up the ceremony this week, two million dollars in TV ads were ran in spot markets.

"It's a major push to get people to come to Las Vegas said a spokesman. We want them to understand that we are going to Vegas and want them to join us there."

That working relationship would mean more money and increased visitation for Las Vegas with Nascar having some of the most loyal fans in sports differing from other sports such as Football and Baseball, translating to dollars for
associated brands.

Nascar and FORD recently hosted a "Send me to Vegas Sweepstake", resulting in some 87 vehicle sales in 120 days.

Nascar is also seeing increased sponsorship --- with Kraft Foods and AARP, Outback Steakhouse and Bosch, not to mention Bank of America and Goodyear returning with 5 year contracts.

The events have received ESPN coverage solidifying Las Vegas association with NASCAR.