New Home Sales: Do I really need a realtor to purchase one?

A common misconception when purchasing a home is that you don’t need a realtor. Buyers not wanting a buyer agent wants to save the typical “2.5%”. But that is either PAID to your agent or it’s [aid to the seller’s agent. When you walk into a New Home Construction/ Sales Office the people who work inside represent the builders (seller) best interest and not the buyer.  These are employees of the builder and DO NOT have to disclose they represent the seller only. Buyer representation is free- and has a lot of advantages. The developer builder only wants you to buy his product at top dollar without the use of a realtor.

Here are some of the benefits of having representation by an agent on the purchasing side:

1.       The site agent works for the builder, they are not there to help the Consumer

2.       An experienced agent is a trusted adviser that can help you save money as they can push for price reduction and discounts. Builders often do not discount the price especially to buyers with no representation.

3.       A realtor can inform the buyer of issues in construction; knows what question to ask and see what you don’t.

4.       A realtor has knowledge of and can leverage contracts, real estate law and the real estate community.

5.       A realtor is your exclusive advocate especially when helping you understand contracts and help you during inspections. They coordinate with other people in the business to make things life easier.

6.       New Construction contracts are really different from sales contracts- you really need a realtor to guide you through it.

Purchasing a home is a major investment. If you would be doing such a major purchase you need a professional to consult with. The fee to a professional versus paying out of pocket later if something goes wrong is reason enough. And besides, getting a professional realtor to accompany you inside the sales office is FREE.

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