The business license application process
has been streamlined from 30 days to only
one week at this new office.

Prior to this new consolidation, people
would have to go to several offices for
answers, permits, and so on.

"So they would bounce back and forth
from one office to another downtown, and
now they can get zoning answers and permits,
get their business license, pay the fee and
they are done. All in one location."

This consolidation saves the city 1.2
million in annual rent. More than 200
city employees work at the Center,
including about 60 in planning and

In the planning department, 90 percent
of front-counter customers are served
within 10 minutes. Items such as modifying
commercial properties are handled here
instead of having to go through the long
delays of City Council.

For building and safety, first-review
times have been reduced from 20 days to
ten days. Counter reviews allow small
projects to be submitted, reviewed and
permitted in the same day.

In fire prevention, 38 percent of fire
plan reviews are now the result of
shortened permit procedures.

"Again, interating departments allow us
to do that. As we integrate technology,
we'll be even quicker."