Green Valley, in the southwestern part of Henderson, has been around for a long time. The area is one of the oldest master-planned communities in the Las Vegas area – in fact; it is considered the first in Southern Nevada.

At just over 30 years old, homes in Green Valley are still some of the nicest in Henderson – but the area is seeing some wear and tear. Some of the older growth trees have died, and weeds are taking over other areas. With paint peeling from some of the block walls, and cracks in the sidewalks and curbs, what does the city of Henderson intend to do to help Green Valley remain one of the finest neighborhoods in Henderson?

It may not be up to the city at all, though those on the council have approached the Community Development Department in hopes that they may find ways to not only maintain the area, but improve it.

One of the issues stems from the lack of homeowners associations, meaning, individual homeowners may not know that they are responsible for the nearby walls and grounds. Under normal circumstances, the associations would take over the maintenance of these common areas. A drive down Warm Springs shows the stark difference between areas with HOAs and those without.

Despite these problems, most residents agree that these homes in Henderson, Nevada – particularly in Green Valley – are in some of the nicest neighborhoods you can find. Hopefully they and the city will come together to find a solution and return Green Valley to its former identity as an upscale neighborhood.