Prince Harry, a 27 year old nightclub loving
royal, red headed younger son of Prince
Charles and the late Diana Princess of Wales,
was seen at the Wynn nightclub Tryst Friday.

He was training in Arizona with the British Army
Air Corps recently. Fortified with cocktails he was
anything but bashful, being seen chatting with a
blonde, then dancing closely with her, "with zero
daylight visible between their bodies" reported.

The Prince later on was seen on his knees dancing
with a brunette at the VIP table.

Spotted in a group of nine, two men, three women
and two security guards in a VIP section of Tryst, it
didn't take long for the Prince to have eyes for some
of the Tryst hotties.

Prince Harry's handlers have called local night clubs
in recent weeks saying he was coming in, but was a
no-show, apparently a ploy to throw the paparazzi
and gossip hounds off his trail.

His visit was the second by a member of the royal
family in recent weeks, preceded by Princess
Beatrice, the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah