What are the Questions I should ask when buying a Fixer- Upper?

By AC Ronquillo

People love to buy what we call fixer uppers. It is human nature to see a thing transform into something of value. It’s like when you see a picture of an obese girl in a gym beside a very slim woman that is labelled as “Before” and “After” some people like the challenge. Not different from real estate, when we see a home that is potentially promising with a little up and there fixing it turns out to be the perfect one; who wouldn’t grab that opportunity.

What is a fixer upper anyway? A fixer upper is a home that needs either minor or significant rehabilitation before it can be used. The term “rehab” means and also could refer that the house is a “flip” or a rental. The repairs can range from light cosmetic work, such as fresh paint or new carpet or more intensive ones such as a new roof, foundation or electrical.

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider first and ask yourself before purchasing one:

1.       How bad is it? - Is it worth the cost to repaint the whole property? Does this need a lot of work during rehab?

2.       Do I have the drive? - Do I have the mental preparation and skill on how to accomplish these projects- do I have the motivation?

3.       Is it worth the cost? - What if I incur thousands of dollars for rehab and it sells less than what I already spent for repair?

4.       Do I have the skills? - Some people especially builders will do this. But again it is not advisable if you don’t have training.

5.       Do I have the time? - Time is of the essence. Fixer uppers take time! 

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