Says Richard Florida, a University of Toronto professor and well known author.
He will be a featured speaker at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce annual
economic forum.

He told the Review-Journal that both Casinos and Zappos will be assets as Las Vegas attempts to diversify it's economy.

Zappos has consulted with Florida's firm, the Creative Class Group, according to Fortune magazine."Other companies in their industry pay low wages, don't treat their workers very well, don't engage them, Florida said."

"Upgrading service workers, paying service workers better, engaging their capabilities,
is an example not only for Las Vegas, but could be a signal project that could inspire other cities."

In his books, Florida describes the transition of a knowledge and creative based economy and the rise of a "creative class" of people who are congregating in urban cores. A creative class that goes beyond musicians and artists.

"The application of creativity can occur in many different professions. We can learn
from Zappos and some of the big gaming companies how to make service jobs better jobs."

Downtown redevelopment and concentrating Las Vegas growth in and up, rather than
sprawling out will also be part of the city's destiny.

Professor Florida named the Fremont East Entertainment District as one of the ten
up and coming downtown neighborhoods to watch. Also making the list are New York city's Chelsea and Chicago's Wicker Park.

"When asked how long this will take, I said a generation." Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh
and former mayor Oscar Goodman said, "we don't have a generation - we are going to do this in 5 years."