When a loan is involved, the appraiser is chosen randomly from a pool. When an appraisal is turned in, it goes through an audit process with a management company. In theory, appraisers are supposed to be unbiased.

There are two kinds of appraisals: refinance and purchase. A refinance appraisal doesn’t account for the value you want, but a purchase appraisal requires a look at the purchase agreement.

These days, in either case, an appraiser is not afraid to appraise your home short. That’s why it’s important to understand the steps an appraiser takes. Here is what an appraiser actually does:


1. Inspects the property. Take measurements and photographs of your property. 

2. Compares similar homes. An appraiser looks at similar properties to determine the value of yours.

3. Makes adjustments to:

          Date of sale time 





         Construction quality

       Condition age

        Square footage

          And more 

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