When you start planning to buy, build, or rent a roof to go over your head, you face some of the biggest financial decisions of your life and also an all- time high number of formidable competitors for that roof.


If you are in the market to buy a house and you do not buy wisely, it could be the most expensive mistake of your life. On the other hand, if you do buy wisely, your investment is virtually certain to grow in value over the years. Thus your first rule is: take plenty of time to hunt for a house or an apartment.


How to shop for a neighborhood

The neighborhood you choose is crucial to whether your investment in your house ultimately turns out to be excellent, just fair, or an out-and-out disaster.

To help you shop for a community and neighborhood, make inquiries in these key areas:


1.       Is neighborhood attractive and clean?

2.       Are streets well-lighted?

3.       Is adequate police and fire protection provided?

4.       Are pollution controls enforced?

5.       Does the community get flooded during rainfalls?

6.       Are good public schools available?

7.       How much will the yearly property taxes be?

8.       Are there any objectionable noises or smells?

9.       How many miles (and minutes) to work place?

10.   What public transportation is available?

11.   How many miles (and minutes) to shopping center?

12.   How many miles (and minutes) to nearest grocery store?

13.   Are there parks and/or playgrounds nearby?

14.   How far away is the church you’ll attend?

15.   Will you be able to keep pets?


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