According to a series of monthly
indices released by UNLV'S Center
for Economic and Business Research,
Southern Nevada is bouncing back
from the recession and could receive
an added push as the national economy
continues to gain strength.

The Center's Clark County Business
Activity index was up 2.99 percent in
October when compared to October 2010,
with a significant boost coming from a
10.4 jump in gaming revenue in 2011.

The improvement was largely attributed
to visitor volume recovering to nearly
the level it reached in 2007 when a
record 39 million tourists came here.

"Uncertainty remains, but it appears
that the Southern Nevada economy has
turned the corner", the Center's assistant
director Bob Potts wrote in the report.

Earlier this month at a meeting of 300
business leaders held twice yearly, they
were told that "today's tourists look a
little different than the ones we saw in
2007, explaining that tourists were staying
longer but gambling less."

The Tourism Index now stands at its highest
value since July 2008, evidence that our
tourist economy is coming out of recession.

Taxable sales were up 9.3 percent and
employment climbed a modest 1.3 percent
during the 12 month period.

"In short, key indicators of economic
activity in Southern Nevada are improving."