"You can't improve the economy with banks -they aren't loaning money to get people backto work", according to Darryl Hill,  a Pahrump business owner of DCI Motors.

Talking to the new state Economic Development Board, he told them that they must create a Free-trade zone in Southern Nevada to help the state out of its recession.

He said, "banks won't grant loans to aspiring businesses and the state ITSELF must do more to create and build businesses." He also said, "I have seen free-trade zones benefit businesses greatly in China."

"You can't do it with banks -- it is atrocious how banks used the TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) money.  They won't loan money to help people get back to work."

Free-Trade zones are where businesses from several countries could exchange, trade or manufacture goods and NOT have to pay customs duties. 

A Board spokeswoman said, "the next 12 months are critical for Nevada and the board must pounce on new opportunities to create jobs."

Hill added," I have traveled extensively in China and Mexico for my Scooter manufacturing and sales company and I see a free-trade zone as a way to build the economy."