Residents and visitors of Tuscany Village in Henderson, Nevada are contending the conversion of Mohawk Drive- the primary road that leads into the Henderson neighborhood. Potentially, the community Tuscany Village in Henderson reroute could cause traffic issues for residents and visitors to the private residential area.

A reroute presents traffic issues by forcing travelers to make an unsafe left-hand turn onto main throughway, Lake Mead Parkway. The Tuscany Village reroute also presents issues for commuters looking to save time- the travel required to exit Tuscany Village would increase, making the commute longer and more treacherous.

Lawyer for the Henderson community, Bill Curran, claims the substitute suggestions for the rerouted roadway that have come from Cadence developers, are unsubstantial. Suggestions from the Cadence project have the capacity to add about one mile of commuting time to travel in one direction.

Issues posed from the Tuscany Village in Henderson reroute are being addressed in a continuance of comments from the Vegas community, which is scheduled for April 11, 2013.