When you are selling your home on your own there is in fact, a lot of paperwork that would be involved, however, having these 5 very important ones in your possession will help you understand and help in the successful sale of the home on your own.

1.       Property Disclosures- By law this is required. It’s a questionnaire on the real estate condition of the house like leaks, mold damage, cosmetic etc. You have to really be honest in disclosing this information in order for you to avoid any litigation in the future.

2.       Buyer Prequalification Letter- This is really important to make sure that the purchaser has means of getting the property. There is a difference between lender approval and underwriter approval- underwriter approval; means that the purchaser has the capability and means of getting the loan and that the lender will release the loan to them if there is no such a[[rpva; this is just a name on plain paper.

3.       Home Inspection Report- The buyer will need to have a home inspection- you need this report in order for you to negotiate on major items and not cosmetic ones.

4.       Negotiating Repairs- After getting the Inspection Report if the buyer comes up with an addendum you need to make sure you negotiate the cost of the repairs so you woul not get anything that might offset the price of the property.

5.       Lastly a clear sales contract that states the terms of the sale.


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