What is the disadvantage of waiting to list your home?

What is a good time to list? That is actually a question many sellers have. Will I wait to get back on a good market or wait till the market picks up?.Listing during what is often considered the "slow" season for sellers actually gives you the advantage of less competition. Buyers are still looking for homes. With less inventory they have limited options. Make your home an option for them!

Waiting for what?  A myth about the best time, or some legitimate reason to wait.   I have heard people say many times that spring is the best time to sell and I will say that spring might be time that people (including lookyloos) love to browse.  But homes sell all year long.   The busiest month ever was a December.   The great thing about holiday time is that the people looking tend to be the serious buyer not someone who just wants to look at homes for fun.   People have busier schedules during holidays so those that look at homes in this time do it because they are committed to making an actual purchase and the house they wanted to see made the list of highly possible not just ... "wouldn't hurt"  to look list

Buyers are always looking for properties online

Historically, potential home buyers felt that the holidays were too hectic for home shopping.They were preoccupied with planning parties, cooking meals, buying presents or planning vacations. Going out with a real estate agent to look at properties conflicted with a busy holiday schedule. This made perfect sense — before the Internet, smart phones, and tablets came along.

The inventory — and the competition — is usually lighter during the holidays

Despite our always-on access to property listings today, there’s still a lingering perception that the year-end holidays aren’t a good time to list a home. Similarly, if your property has been sitting on the market for months, conventional wisdom says to give it a rest during the holidays. Given these factors, we end up seeing the inventory for good homes tighten up this time of year. But buyers are still out there looking at real estate and no doubt wishing there were more properties available.

Whatever the motivation, for sellers it means one thing: There can be an increase in demand at a time when inventory is traditionally low — resulting in less competition from other sellers. If you’re motivated to sell your home, you’ll have an even more “captive” audience in January.


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