What an Out of Towner should now about Nevada?

People come and go from other states to Nevada. Strange as it seems, a lot of people can have many questions on certain places based from what they watch on TV or browse from the internet. Here are some things you need to explain with people going to Vegas or other parts of the state.

Here are some of the things you can show or explain to out of towners.

  • 1.       Learn to pronounce Nevada- It is supposed to be “Nev-ADD-ah” They will never get ot the first time.

  • 2.       You won’t probably get abducted by aliens- The state has a reputation of being an area where aliens dwell. Alien lovers everywhere.

  • 3.       Don’t expect Area 51 – Many out if towners try to see Area 51 however to their disappointment the mysterious government facility is Top Secret at all.
  • 4.       Don’t miss out Downtown Vegas- Most people who come out for fun in Vegas don’t venture past the strip. Downtown Vegas is a classic Vegas setting. Here is where you can find better odds of gambling and better meals and drinks.
  • 5.       Cars area big deal in Nevada- Nevadan love fast soup up cars. There is an automobile museum in Reno that people visit and travel to see such a wide array of different vehicles.

  • 6.       Nevada can get pretty hot- It is a desert. During summer, temperature can get very hot at 100 on a regular basis.
  • 7.       Prostitution Isn't legal everywhere including Vegas- most people are shocked to hear that prostitution is legal in Nevada. However this doesn’t mean that the state is filled with brothels. There are currently 19 brothels in the entire state, none of which are in Vegas where it is still illegal.


  • 8.       Public Intoxication is Legal- If you are drink publicly this is allowed. As long as your not doing anything that would break the law.

  • 9.       Slot Machines are everywhere- From the airport to your favorite hotel or bar, gambling is everywhere. While Vegas has the most attention casinos spread throughout.

  • 10.   Visit Hoover Dam- Hoover dam\s engineering is humongous and impressive. You should really see it firsthand.

  • 11.   Nightclubs are more popular than gambling- Raves and DJ’s are really ousting the local nightlife scene. More people tend to visit the nightclubs instead of gambling.
  • 12.   Nevada aint afraid of no Ghost- With so many ghost towns and such a wild past it’s no surprise that paranormal activity has been experienced inside these buildings. Locals are not too concerned.
  • 13.   A lot of impersonators- Some people are under the impression that show in Vegas are either flashy magicians or washed up pop stars. But Vegas really is filled with some awesome entertainment. From the classics like Wayne Newton and the Elvis impersonators to the new like Bruno Mars, Britney Spears, and the Blue Man Group, there’s definitely something for everyone to see here.


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