Having a Great Bathroom that you can use every day is of necessity. Before you move into a new house you need to have a checklist to ensure you have a clean and sanitized wash area.



These overall elements of an accessible bathroom make it comfortable and convenient:

1.       Nonslip flooring

2.       Adequate lighting

3.       Easy-to-reach open storage shelves and hooks

4.       Shower  head at a comfortable height for all users

5.       Sink at a comfortable height to wash face

6.       Toilet in good location (away from swinging doors)

7.       Fixtures easy to clean

8.       Enough storage space for grooming equipment

9.       Convenient spot for soaps and shampoo in the shower area

10.   Space for towel storage in or near the bathroom

11.   Enough towel bars

12.   Efficient ventilation

13.   Room aesthetically pleasing

14.   Entry, closet or cabinet doors do not interrupt walkways or block fixture use

15.   Electrical outlets protected with ground –fault circuit interrupters to prevent electric shock

16.   Plumbing pipes free of leaks

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