Opening a store at Stephanie street and Wigwam Parkway in Henderson and another in the northern
valley, Winco Foods entered the Las Vegas competitive food market.

The company now has 82 locations in Washington, Nevada, Idaho, California, Utah and Oregon and is
number 30 on the Supermarket News list of top 75 food retailers this year, and expects to have sales of
$5.2 billion this year.

Customers won't hear music pumping through the store or see employees bagging groceries and
advertising will be minimal, too.

That's all part of the company's "bare-bones" approach to business and an attempt to keep
prices lower for name brands.

A spokesman said, "we save money that way and that's how we are able to compete with the national

Winco stores do not require membership and do sell some bulk items like candy, flour and pet treats.

"We have been described as a cross between Smiths and Costco - not everyone needs 45 pounds of cereal
at once."

There is a station where customers can grind their own peanut butter, for example.

One Henderson resident said the prices and selection lured her to the store on opening day and she has been
watching their website anxiously.

The two new stores, open 24 hours, each employ about 200 full and part time employees.