And that's exactly what Zappos did today leasing
the old Las Vegas city hall for 15 years!

A firm called City Hall LLC run by Andrew Donner
bought the old city hall for 18 million and will lease
it back to Zappos for an undisclosed amount.

This deal will not increase financial risk to the
city and will have to be approved by the City
Council, possibly next month.

The complicated transaction required support
from the City Council, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh,
and high ranking officials from Zappos parent

It is estimated that it will take an additional
40 million dollars to complete the renovations
necessary for Zappos to occupy the building
in 2013, although some Zappos workers have
already relocated.

The agreement paving the way for some 2,000
tech industry workers to move to downtown
Las Vegas while taking a potentially costly
white elephant off the hands of city government
is now official.

Eventually the number of Zappos employees
could increase to 5,000.

A Zappos spokesman said, "The building is in
the middle of a community we really enjoy. To
be a part of maintaining and investing in a
building like City Hall is a once in a lifetime