With Zappos moving into the old City Hall
in 2013, and Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh making
pitches to dozens of entrepreneurs,downtown
Las Vegas is undergoing a startling transformation.

Hsieh simply didn't want his company to move
into City Hall but wanted others to buy into the
vision of a downtown community and he talks
about transforming downtown within 5 to 10

And it seems to be working as several startup
firms have committed to downtown and are
raising investment capital with Hsieh putting
some money in.

The brainpower needed for these businesses
to exist will come from a "center of excellence"
planned by the College of Southern Nevada to
train in areas that might be needed by these

Most of the credit for success so far goes to
Zappos with Zappos employees forming "startup
weekends" at the El Cortez downtown. It's a
54 hour event where teams prod, try out and
dream up and improve ideas for startups.

Hsieh also formed a company called "Downtown
Project", hiring experts to assist startups with
the detail of operating a new business -- accounting -
how to run a payroll, etc.

Hsieh says that in two years he expects to have at
least 100 new businesses to have set up shop downtown.