Home sellers have lots of options when is time to sell their properties, however there is no magic formula that will guarantee in achieving the best and highest price possible for their homes. This is why I like to partner with my clients to guide them through the complexities of selling their homes. I assembled a team of true professionals with experience, dedication and strong communication skills to help ensure a successful and profitable sale of your home. 


Today, we'll talk about 4 Differences Between Salespeople and Sales Consultant in Real Estate 


Salespeople are the people who make the sale at all cost. Sales consultants help you make the decision of the sale


Thinking about my completed transactions over the years, I tend to reflect on my clients and what determined the final outcome of their decisions. 

The fact is that Fiduciary service that you may receive from a true professional is much, much beneficial to you than someone trying to sell you something for pure profit.


When hiring a real estate agent, you want a consultant that you can trust for advice and direction in all your real estate needs. 



What are the 4 big differences between a salesperson and a consultant? 


1. A salesperson has a responsibility to sell, a consultant has a responsibility  to the client. A salesperson could be perceived as manipulating the client. A sales consultant has only one responsibility...it is to you.

A consultant  listen and ask great questions. They educate their clients on the best decisions for them and their family. They provide fiduciary services. 

The definition of fiduciary  services is as follows...

"A fiduciary is a person or organization that acts on behalf of another person or persons, putting their clients' interests ahead of their own"


2. A sales consultant is a person who specializes in their sales skills. They can negotiate better offers and better repair outcomes during the transaction. Overall, they can negotiate the best results on your behalf...even above of their own

Sales consultants are focused on their needs to fulfill a quota of one more sale during the quarter. 


3. Consultants can be proactive in anticipating potential pitfalls. They can make sure a problem doesn't arise at all or be reactive to a problem that has already arisen. They can also do detail market research to find out what can cause potential problems or benefits for our clients.

Sales consultants are focused on their own numbers, number of phone calls and easy transactions. 


4. Consultants are about discovery, vision, research, advise, resolve and results 

Salespersons are about fast sales, quick conclusions, risk-taking, pressure and loose ends. 

While a consultant  can make sure a problem doesn't arise at all, a sales person is only reactive to a problem that has already arisen. 

Sales consultants are focused on their own numbers, number of phone calls and easy transactions.   

The best way to describe a sales consultant is with their results and problem-solving skills. 

They have 3 basic "Fiduciary Duties" 

Duty of Care,  Duty of Loyalty and Duty of Obedience.

If you need solutions to any problems that you may be experiencing inside real estate...you'll need a consultant and not a salesperson. 


Always consult with your real estate agent about your home inspection results and the options you have inside the sales contract that you've signed.  


To purchase your dream home or a great foreclosure property, is about being educated, thorough and patient with the process. The most important aspect of finding the perfect home is working with a real estate agent who is highly skilled in negotiation and understanding of your expectations!  


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